Appreciate Your Local Freelance Writer ?

So, someone left a big fat calendar book here at Greyhaven that gives you all the historic events, birthdays, etc. that have occurred on each day of the year. The natural response is to look up one’s own birthday and then the day on which one is reading the book.

Which is how I discovered that February 6-10 is “Freelance Writers’ Appreciation Week”. This appears to have been cooked up by the Public Libraries. At least they are the ones with a website about it–

Exactly /how/ one is supposed to express this appreciation is not clear. My suggestion would be to go out and buy a book, or maybe visit a library and encourage /them/ to buy books from your favorite author. Maybe I’ll trot down to our local branch library tomorrow and give them a chance to appreciate me .

Actually, I did get a little appreciation yesterday at the voting booth, where the sweet young thing at the the table looked at my name and asked, “Are you /that/ Diana Paxson?” Turns out her mother reads my books. She herself is specializing in Victorian Literature and doesn’t, but she had me autograph her Survey of Literature book. Probably the only way I’ll ever get my name in one!