The Avalon Series

Ancestors of Avalon
, Viking, 2004, is chronologically the first book in the Avalon series, and the direct sequel to a very early occult romance written by Bradley in the 1950s and published by Tor Books in the 80s as The Fall of Atlantis. When the volcanic core of the isle of Ahtarrath explodes, the high priest (and prince) Micail and his wife, the priestess Tiriki, seek safety in the distant isle where it has been prophesied they will found a new temple. But their ships are separated. Micail and Prince Tjalan become the allies of a local king, while Tiriki ends up at the sacred Tor that will one day be called Avalon. While Micail and the other priests begin to build Stonehenge, Tiriki and her companions discover the magic of Avalon. But Micail and Tiriki are forced into conflict that may kill both them and their love.

Sword of Avalon
, RoC Books, 2010. At the end of the Bronze Age, the world is changing. There’s a lost prince who is destined to save his people, if he lives…and a magic sword (that will one day be called Excalibur) that will be his talisman…if the mastersmith can figure out how to forge it… but only the Lady of Avalon and her daughter can help them to succeed and survive.

Ravens of Avalon
, Viking, 2007. This is the direct prequel to The Forest House. It begins when young Boudica is sent to the isle of Mona to study with the Druids and becomes friends with the priestess Lhiannon. When the Romans conquer Britannia, she is called home to marry. Lhiannon aids the Celtic resistance, while Boudica is raising her family, but when her husband dies, the Romans brutalize Boudica and her daughters. Enraged, she raises the tribes against Rome.

The Forest House
, uncredited collaboration with Marion Zimmer Bradley, Viking, 1994. Based on Bellini’s opera Norma. Eilan, a Druid priestess, falls in love with the Roman officer Gaius. Their relationship is doomed, but her beloved friend and fellow-priestess Caillean founds the college of priestesses on Avalon and saves Eilan’s son to continue the royal line.

Lady of Avalon
, uncredited collaboration with Marion Zimmer Bradley, Viking, 1997. In Part I, Caillean brings up Eilan’s son and raises the barrier of Mist to protect Avalon.  In the second part the High Priestess Dierna recruits the Roman admiral Carausius to be the Defender of Britain.  In Part III, the conflict between the young Viviane and her mother prepares her to be Lady of Avalon.

Priestess of Avalon
, Viking, 2001. Helena’s visions and her love for the Roman Constantius cause her to be banished from Avalon.  She becomes the mother of the emperor Constantine, but in the end she learns the truth behind all religion and returns.

“The Heart of the Hill”, a short story in Out of Avalon, NAL, 2001. As a young girl, Morgaine discovers the secret of the omphalos stone hidden in the heart of Glastonbury Tor.

“Lady of Avalon”, a story in Return to Avalon, ed. Jennifer Roberson, Richard Gilliam and Martin Greenberg, DAW, 1996. In the sixth century, the High Priestess rescues a Saxon-British princess who has the potential to carry on the tradition of Avalon. This is the only Avalon story to be set after the end of Mists of Avalon.

What’s Next?

At present there are no plans for more Avalon books. However if enough readers ask, who knows?