In Search of a Green President II

Tomorrow is “Super Tuesday”. I’ve been waffling about who to vote for. A black man or a woman – both smart, liberal and politically correct. How do I choose? Do I go for the candidate who is the most likely to inspire the nation with new ideas, or the one who knows how to work the system in Washington but may be stuck in old patterns? Do I go for the one with the Kennedy blessing or the one with Johnson’s political skills? (those of you who were around in the later 60’s will understand what I mean)

As those of you who have been reading my blog know, this year I have simplified my decision-making by focusing on a single issue, Global Warming. My stand is that it won’t matter what else we do if we don’t have a livable environment to do it in. Fortunately I am on all sorts of conservation-minded e-lists run by people who are happy to provide information. The California League of Conservation Voters sent me some this morning, a set of responses to questions they asked all the candidates. You can find the answers on

In a nutshell, of the Republicans, McCain is the only one with any environmental track record at all. None of the Republican candidates answered the questions. Both Democratic candidates did. Both of them have their hearts in the right place from my point of view. But as you will see if you look at the answers, one candidate answered with general statements and the other with clear detailed descriptions of what to do and how to do it.

If Barack is elected, I expect he will put together a brain trust of people who will advise him on strategies. But Hillary already knows how to tackle the problem.

She gets my vote tomorrow.