They’re Young But They’re Daily Growing

Today the twins (my grandchildren Michael and Arael) turn twelve. Their brother Evan is thirteen and a half. How did this happen?

Seems like yesterday they were in a playpen, following the action around them with an alert stare that always reminded me of the velociraptors in Jurassic Park. Not evil, just very, very intent. Now every time I turn my back they seem a little taller. I, of course, have not changed at all.

At birth, Arael was sweet and smiling and Michael frowned. Today, his ambition is world domination and hers is apparently to become a pirate. Perhaps at Wendy’s Lost Girls Pirate Academy. They can do more things with a computer than I can.

No one is perfect, but I can say that on the whole they have been a joy to live with, mostly cheerful, reasonably cooperative, and capable of carrying on intelligent conversation. They’ve been great children. Adolescence looms– even now I get the occasional glimpse of the teenagers they will soon be. My prayer is the prayer of any parent or grandparent– grow safe and strong, grow into your potential, try not to blame us too much for making such a mess of your world.

Michael and Arael, Happy Birthday to you !