Considering that I spent much of my childhood as an introvert with my head in a book or wandering the hills, I am sometimes amazed to realize how much of my work has involved communities. As a writer of fiction, I need interaction with readers, both to learn what people need, and also to remind myself that it really is worthwhile to keep working when I could be doing something easier, such as reading someone else’s book, instead. Interaction on social media such as Facebook (as Diana Paxson), and LiveJournal (as dpaxson) has gone a long way to convince me that there really are people out there who care.

The other reason I keep getting involved in communities is that one of my major interests is religion. The word comes from the Latin re-ligare, “to reconnect”, which involves linking people, both with each other and the Divine Powers. It assumes that spirituality is not something set apart, but is integral to one’s whole life. And there are other reasons. My own spirituality is enriched by ritual, which works best with other people, but even more basic is the fact that I find it easiest to learn when other people need me to know something. For me, at least, spiritual progress is interactive. The external demand keeps me working when my own desire is not enough, and interaction with others inspires me. Most of my non-fiction writing is based on my response to these needs—and the knowledge I have gained by doing so.

In this part of the site I talk about the most important communities, projects, and events, in which I’m involved, including: