The Complete, Comprehensive, Chronological List of Publications


Works marked by (E) are available as ebooks.

Lady of Light, Pocket Books, 1982

Tochter des Lights (German edition) Bastei-Lubbe Verlag, 1988.

Lady of Darkness, Pocket Books, 1983

Tochter der Finisternis (German edition) Bastei-Lubbe Verlag, 1988.

Lady of Light, Lady of Darkness, New English Library, London, 1990.

Mistress of the Jewels, (single volume reissue of Lady of Light and Lady of Darkness) Tor Books, 1991.

Brisingamen, Berkley Books, 1984.

White Mare, Red Stallion, Berkley Books, 1986

________, New English Library, London, 1988.

Silverhair the Wanderer, Tor Books, 1986

________, New English Library, London, 1990

Silberhaar der Wanderer, Bastei-Lubbe Verlag, 1990.

The Earthstone, Tor Books, 1987

________, New English Library, London, 1991

Die Erdestein, Bastei-Lubbe Verlag, 1990.

The Paradise Tree, Berkley Books, 1987.

The Sea Star, Tor Books, 1988

________, New English Library, London, 1991

Bastei-Lubbe Verlag, 1991.

The White Raven , (hb)Morrow, 1988,

________,(hb) New English Library, London, 1988, (pb, 1989)

________, (pb) Avon Books, 1989

Die Zauber von Erin, (hb) Gustav Lubbe Verlag, 1990 (hb) Italian, 1990?

The Wind Crystal, Tor Books, 1990.

________, New English Library, London, 1992.

Bastei-Lubbe Verlag, 1992.

The Serpent’s Tooth, William Morrow, 1991, Avon, 1993.

Gustav Lubbe Verlag, 1993 or 1994.

The Jewel of Fire, Tor Books, 1992.

________, New English Library, London, 1993 .

Bastei-Lubbe Verlag, 1993?

Master of Earth and Water (with Adrienne Martine-Barnes), AvoNova 1993.

The Wolf and the Raven, William Morrow, 1993.

Shield Between the Worlds (with Adrienne Martine-Barnes), AvoNova/William Morrow, 1994.

The Forest House, uncredited collaboration with Marion Zimmer Bradley, Viking, 1994;

British – Michael Joseph, 1993,

German – Die Wälder von Albion, Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, 2007

French, Brazilian, Spanish, Japanese, etc.) paperback, RoC, 2007 (E).

The Dragons of the Rhine, AvoNova . 1995, p.b. 1995.

Sword of Fire and Shadow (with Adrienne Martine-Barnes), AvoNova, 1995.

The Lord of Horses, AvoNova, 1996.

Die Töchter der Nibelungen (Wodan’s Children trilogy): Brunhilde’s Lied, Sigfrid’s Tod, Gudrun’s Rache , Bastei-Lübbe Verlag, 1997.

Lady of Avalon, uncredited collaboration with Marion Zimmer Bradley, Viking, 1997; paperback, RoC, 2007 (E).

British edition – Michael Joseph, 2007

German – Die Herrin von Avalon, Fischer, 2007

The Book of the Sword (Hallowed Isle I) Avonova, 1999.

Large print edition, 2001.

The Book of the Spear (Hallowed Isle II), Avonova, 2000.

The Book of the Cauldron (Hallowed Isle III), Avonova, 2000.

The Book of the Stone (Hallowed Isle IV), Avonova, 2001.

Hallowed Isle, (single volume) Science Fiction Book Club, 2001.

Priestess of Avalon, (with Marion Zimmer Bradley), Michael Joseph, 2000, Viking 200, Paperback, RoC, 2009 (E).

Hallowed Isle Vol. I: The Book of the Sword and Spear, Avonova 2002.

Hallowed Isle Vol. II: The Book of the Cauldron and Stone, Avonova 2003.

Die Heilige Insel: Die Herrin vom See, Die Herrin der Raben, Die Herrin von Camelot, Die Herrin der Insel, Cologne: Bastei-L¸bbe, 2003-4 (Hallowed Isle tetralogy in German).

Ancestors of Avalon, Viking, 2004, Paperback, RoC, 2007 (E).

German – Die Ahnen von Avalon, Diana; Auflage, 2006

The Golden Hills of Westria, Tor 2006, Paperback, Tor, 2007 (E).

Ravens of Avalon, Viking, 2007, Paperback, RoC, 2008 (E).

German – Die Hüterin von Avalon, Diana Taschenbuch, 2008

Sword of Avalon, RoC, 2009, Trade Paperback, RoC, 2010 (E).

German – Das Schwert von Avalon, Diana Verlag, 2011

Short Stories

“Message to Myself”, Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, July-August, 1978.

________, ET’s and Eclipses, ed. George Scithers, Dale, 1978.

“The Song of N’Sardi-El”, Millenial Women, ed. Virginia Kidd, Delacorte, 1978, Dell, 1979

________, The Eye of the Heron and Other Stories Granada, 1979.

________, Sanrio, 1979 (Japan).

________, Vrou 2000, Spectrum Books, 1980 (Holland).

________, Futura, Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, 1982 (Germany)

“The Windspell”, Dragonfields 3, ed. Charles DeLint, Summer, 1980.

“Vai Dom”, The Keeper’s Price, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1980.

“The Dark Mother”, Swords Against Darkness IV, ed. Andrew Offutt, Zebra, 1979

________, Barbarians II, ed. Robert Adams, Martin H. Greenberg, Charles G. Waugh, New American Library, 1987.

“Gift of Love”, Sword of Chaos, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1982

“The Rhinoceros and the Unicorn”, Shadows of Sanctuary, ed. Robert Asprin, Ace Books, 1981.

“The Riddle of Hekaite”, Hecate’s Cauldron, ed. Susan Shwartz, DAW, 1982.

“A Fugitive Art”, Storm Season, ed. Robert Asprin, Ace Books, 1982.

“Kindred of the Wind”, Greyhaven, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1983.

“Mirror Image”, Face of Chaos, ed. Robert Asprin, Ace Books, 1983.

“Sword of Yraine”, Sword and Sorceress, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW 1984.

“A Breath of Power”, Wings of Omen, ed. Robert Asprin and Lynn Abbey, Ace Books, 1984.

“The Servant of Saibel”, Amazing, December, 1984.

“Shadow Wood”, Sword and Sorceress II, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW 1985.

“Sky Sister”, Moonsinger’s Friends, ed. Susan Shwartz, Bluejay, 1985.

“The Phoenix Garden”, Afterwar, ed. Janet Morris, Baen Books, 1985.

“The Motherquest”, Free Amazons of Darkover, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1985.

“The Color of Magic”, Dead of Winter, ed. Robert Asprin and Lynn Abbey, Ace Books, 1985

“The Shaper of Butterflies”, Fantasy Book, Fall, 1985.

“The Mist on the Moor”, Sword and Sorceress III, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1986

“Lady of Fire”, Blood Ties, ed. Asprin, Abbey, Ace Books, 1986.

“The Spirit Quest”, Blood of the Ten Chiefs, ed. Richard & Wendy Pini, Robert Asprin, Lynn Abbey, Tor Books, 1986.

“Blood Dancer”, Sword and Sorceress IV, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1987.

“A Different Kind of Victory”, Red Sun of Darkover, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1987.

“A Very Good Year for Dreamberries”, Wolfsong, ed. Richard & Wendy Pini, Robert Asprin, Lynn Abbey, Tor Books, 1988.

“The Eye of Toyur”, Sword and Sorceress V, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1988.

“The Vision of Lalo”, Uneasy Alliances, ed. Asprin, Abbey, Ace Books, 1988.

“An Appropriate Hell”, War in Hell, ed. Janet Morris, Baen Books, 1988.

“Heroes”, Tales of the Witchworld II, ed. Andre Norton, Bluejay, 1988, Tor, 1989.

“Fire Song”, Winds of Change, ed. Richard & Wendy Pini, Robert Asprin, Lynn Abbey, Tor Books, 1989.

“The Flower Princess”, Arabesques II, ed. Susan Shwartz, Avon, 1989.

“Quicksilver Dreams”, Stealer’s Sky, ed. Asprin, Abbey, Ace Books, 1989.

“Equona’s Mare”, Sword and Sorceress VI, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1990.

“The Dancer of Chimaera”, MZB’s Fantasy Magazine, Fall, ’90

________, The Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine Warner Books, 1994.

“The Changeling”, Blood of the Ten Chiefs IV, ed. Richard & Wendy Pini, Robert Asprin, Lynn Abbey, Tor Books, 1990.

“A Season of Butterflies”, Renunciates of Darkover, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1991.

“The Swordslave”, Sword and Sorceress VII, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1991.

“Ytarra’s Mirror”, Sword and Sorceress VIII, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1991.

“Stopthrust”, Sword and Sorceress IX, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW 1992.

“Falcon’s Shadow”, Sword and Sorceress X, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW 1993.

“The Frontier”, Towers of Darkover, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW 1993.

“Turnings”, Blood of the Ten Chiefs V, ed. Richard & Wendy Pini, Robert Asprin, Lynn Abbey, Tor Books, 1993.

“The Place Between”, Snows of Darkover, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1994.

“An Augmentation of Dust”, Weird Tales from Shakespeare, ed. Katharine Kerr and Martin Greenberg, DAW Books, 1994.

“Spirit Singer”, Sword and Sorceress XI, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW 1994.

“The Masterpainter”, Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine, Autumn, 1994.

“On Macha’s Mound”, Within the Hollow Hills, ed. John Matthews, Floris Books, 1994.

“The God-Sword”, Excalibur, ed. Richard Gilliam and Martin Greenberg, Warner/Questar, 1995.

“Wild Man”, Camelot, ed. Jane Yolen, Philomel Press, 1995.

“The Bloodbeast”, Sisters of the Night, ed. Barbara Hambly & Martin Greenberg, Warner Books, 1995.

“The Name of A King,” The Book of Kings, ed. Richard Gilliam and Martin Greenberg, 1995.

“Stone Spirit”, Sword and Sorceress XII, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW 1995.

“The Offering Place”, Ancient Enchantresses, ed. Kathleeen M. Massie-Ferch, Martin Greenberg, Richard Gilliam, DAW Books, 1995.

“Lady of Avalon”, Return to Avalon, ed. Jennifer Roberson, Richard Gilliam and Martin Greenberg, DAW, 1996.

“Volsi”, Sisters in Fantasy II, ed. Susan Shwartz & Martin Greenberg, ROC, 1996.

“Black Water”, Phantoms of the Night, ed. Richard Gilliam , DAW 1996.

“Lady of the Rock”, Lammas Night, ed. Josepha Sherman, Baen Books, 1996.

“Earthen Mound”, Warrior Enchantresses, ed. Kathleeen M. Massie-Ferch, Martin Greenberg, Richard Gilliam, DAW 1996.

“Twilight”, Sword and Sorceress XIII, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1996.

“The Kin of Rig”, The Book of Sorcery, ed. Katherine Kerr, Richard Gilliam and Martin Greenberg, Harper/Collins, 1996.

“The Changelings”, Sword and Sorceress XIV, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW, 1997.

“The Girl Who Went Into the Hill”, Elf Fantastic, Martin Greenberg, DAW 1997.

“Riders of the Rainbow Ridge”, Realms of Fantasy, June, 1997.

“Lion at the Gate”, Zodiac Fantastic, ed. Martin Greenberg, DAW 1997.

“How the Wild Hunt Came to Trygvadal”, Wizard Fantastic, Martin Greenberg, DAW 1997.

“Hekate’s Hounds”, Olympus, ed. Bruce Arthurs & Martin Greenberg, DAW, 1998.

“Spring Snow”, Sword and Sorceress XV, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW 1998.

“Daughter of the Bear”, Sword and Sorceress XVI, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, DAW 1999.

“When Coyote Came to Town”, Worlds of Fantasy anthology, ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley, MZB productions, 1998.

“The Tale of Hrafn-Bui”, Flights of Fantasy, ed. Mercedes Lackey & Martin Greenberg, DAW, 1999.

“The Cauldron of Light,” Merlin, ed. Martin Greenberg, Teknobooks,

________, The Mammoth Book of Merlin, Constable & Robinson (UK), Running Press (US), 2012.

“A Two-Edged Blade,” Warrior Fantastic, ed. Martin Greenberg & John Helfers, DAW, 2000.

“The Heart of the Hill”, Out of Avalon, ed. Jennifer Roberson, DAW, 2002.

“The Prisoner in the Jewel”, Turning Points, edited by Lynn Abbey, Tor 2003.

“The Yule Log”, Idunna 58, Winter 2003.

“The Ghost in the Phoenix” (with Ian Grey) Enemies of Fortune, ed. Lynn Abbey, Tor 2004.

“Well Met by Moonlight”, Bedlam’s Edge, ed. Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill, DAW, 2005.

“The Crossroads”, Lace and Blade, ed. Deborah Ross, Norilana Books 2008.

“Skadi’s Yule”, Idunna 78, Winter 2008.

“The Crow”, Lace and Blade II, ed. Deborah Ross, Norilana Books 2009.

“Blue Velvet”, The Feathered Edge, ed. Deborah Ross, Sky Warrior Book Publishing, 2012.

“A Song of the Sea”, Elemental Magic,  ed. Mercedes Lackey, DAW, 2012

“Fire Song”, Elementary: All-New Tales of the Elemental Masters, ed. Mercedes Lackey, DAW 2013

“Light”, Sword & Mythos,  Innsmouth Free Press, 2013

“Evanda’s Mirror”, Stars of Darkover, ed. Deborah Ross and Elizabeth Waters, MZB, 2014

“Weavings”, No True Way, Valdemar  ed. Mercedes Lackey, DAW, 2014

“Blood-Kin”, Gifts of Darkover, ed. Deborah Ross and Elizabeth Waters, MZB, 2015

“Deor”, The Change, ed. S.M. Stirling, RoC, 2015

“Housebound”, Realms of Darkover, ed. Deborah Ross and Elizabeth Waters, MZB, 2016

“Patterns”, Valdemar XI: Pathwaysed. Mercedes Lackey, DAW, 2017

“Shadow of the Wolf”, By the Light of Camelot,  ed. J.R. Campbell and Shannon Allen, Edge,  2018

“A Sword for Liberty,” Lace and Blade IV, ed. Deborah Ross, MZB, 2018

“Night of Masks,” Crossroads of Darkover, ed. Deborah Ross, MZB, 2018

“A Scent of Roses”, Uncertain Destinies: Speculative Fiction from Silicon Valley, ed. Valerie Frankel, LitCrit Press, 2018

“Seige”,  Citadels of Darkover, ed. Deborah Ross, MZV 2019

“Moving On”, Valdemar XII: Choices, ed. Mercedes Lackey, DAW, 2018



The One-Trick Pony, Shenanigans (Valdemar XVI),ed. Mercedes Lackey, 2022

Fire Seed, Jewels of Darkover, 2023

Anthologies edited:

Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Sword and Sorceress XXI, DAW Books, 2004.



Celestial Wisdom for Every Year of Your Life (with Z Budapest), Conari Books 2003 (E).

Taking Up the Runes, RedWheel/Weiser, 2005 (E).

Essential Ásatrú, Citadel Press, 2006.

Trance-Portation, RedWheel/Weiser, 2008 (E).

The Way of the Oracle, RedWheel/Weiser, 2012.(E)

The Essential Guide to Possession, Depossession, and Divine Relationships, Weiser, 2015

Odin: Ecstasy, Runes and Norse Magic, RedWheel/Weiser, 2017


“The Origins of the Grail: The Paleontology of a Legend” Gnostica: News of the Aquarian Frontier, May/April/June 1975

“Consecration”, Voices of the Goddess, ed. Caitlin Matthews & Prudence Jones, Aquarian Press, Thames Publishing Group, 1990

“Chrétien de Troyes and the Cauldron of Story”, In the Household of the Grail, ed. John Matthews, Aquarian Press, Thames Publishing Group, 1991

“Binding the Wolf”, Paths to Peace, ed. John Matthews, London: Rider, 1992

“Worshipping the Gods”, Idunna 20, September, 1993

“Heide: The Holy Hag”, SageWoman, Winter, 1993

“Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Great Mother of the Americas,” SageWoman, Spring 1994

“Oshun: Lady of Love and Laughter”, SageWoman, Summer 1994

“Frigga, the Beloved”, SageWoman, Fall 1994

“Grandmother Spider, Spinner of Wisdom”, SageWoman, Winter, 1994

“Isis of the Ships”, SageWoman, Spring, 1995

“Sex, Status, and Seidh: Homosexuality in Germanic Religion”, Idunna 27, Midsummer 1995

“Nana and the Origins of Life”, SageWoman, Fall, 1995

“Hyge-craeft”, Idunna 28, Autumn, 1995

“The Oracle”, SageWoman, Winter 1995

“Skadhi, Wilderness Woman”, SageWoman, Spring, 1996

“Hermes”, Green Man, Spring 1996

“Lugh”, Green Man, Summer 1996

“Athena: the Reconciler of Opposites”, SageWoman, Fall, 1996

“Freyr”, Green Man, Fall 1996

“Yemaya, Our Ocean Mother”, SageWoman, Winter, 1996

“Horus”, Green Man, Winter 1996

“Holda”, Idunna 30, Winter, 1996

“Demeter & Persephone, Learning to Let Go”, SageWoman, Spring, 1997

“Adonis”, Green Man, Spring 1997

“Bear Mother”, SageWoman, Summer 1997

“Apollo & Dionysos”, PanGaia, Summer 1997

“Hekate, Guide of Souls”, SageWoman, Fall 1997

“Odin & Women”, PanGaia, Fall 1997

“Brigid, Woman-Comrade, the Goddess as Protector”, SageWoman, Winter 1997

“The Mystery of Baldr”, Idunna 31, Winter, 1997

“Ostara, Lady of Spring”, SageWoman, Spring 1998

“Landwights and Lares”, PanGaia, Spring, 1998

“Lady Liberty”, SageWoman, Summer 1998

“Looking for the Landwights”, Idunna 36, Summer, 1998

“Umbanda”, PanGaia, Summer 1998

“The Mothers”, SageWoman, Fall 1998

“Arthur”, PanGaia, Winter 1998

“Taking Up the Runes”, Idunna 38, Winter 1998

“Pele: Changing the Land, Changing Lives”, SageWoman, Spring, 1999

“Hallowing Magical Tools”, Idunna 39, Spring, 1999

“Brigid, Inspiration Upwelling”, SageWoman, Summer, 1999

“The Goddess Who Walks By Herself”, SageWoman, Fall, 1999

“The Priestess of Avalon, a Memoir of Marion Zimmer Bradley”, SageWoman, Winter, 1999

“Norns Now We Summon,” Idunna 42, Winter, 1999

“Lakshmi, Lady of Abundance”, SageWoman, Spring, 2000

“Beloved: Frigga and Her Maidens,” Idunna 43, Spring 2000

“Changing Women: Seasons of the Blood”, SageWoman, Summer 2000

“A Land Filled with Light”, Idunna 44, Harvest, 2000

“The Divine Darkness”,SageWoman, Fall, 2000

“A Voyage to Vinland”, Idunna 45, Autumn, 2000

“The Goddess Earth”, SageWoman, Winter 2000

“Kindred and Kinder”, Idunna 46, Winter 2000

“Sulis and the Waters of Healing”, SageWoman, Spring 2001

“Kuan Yin, Goddess of Compassion”, SageWoman, Summer, 2001

“Unity in Diversity”, Idunna 48, Harvest 2001

“A Funeral Toast to Poul Anderson”, Idunna 48, Harvest 2001

“Oya, Lady of Changes”, SageWoman, Fall, 2001

“Coming Home”, SageWoman, Winter, 2001

“Artemis, Hunting the Moon”, SageWoman, Spring, 2002

“Freya, Lady of Love and Life”, SageWoman, Summer, 2002

“HamrammR”, Idunna 52, Summer 2002

“Seeking Sea Mother: Learning and Living”, SageWoman, Fall, 2002

“Asherah, the Sacred Tree”, SageWoman, Winter, 2002

“Weird Sisters: the Three Norns”, SageWoman, Spring, 2003

“The ‘Where’ of Worship”, Idunna 55, Spring 2003

“The Morrigan, Lady of Ravens”, SageWoman, Summer 2003

“Yngvi-Freyr and the Cult of the Ancestors”, Idunna 57, Harvest 2003

“Looking for Love – Psyche”, SageWoman, Fall 2003

“Sarasvati, Word of Wisdom”, SageWoman, Winter 2003

“First Mother, the Paleolithic Goddess”, SageWoman, Spring, 2004

“Cerridwen”, SageWoman, Fall 2004

“Inanna”, SageWoman, Winter 2004

“Sif”, SageWoman, Summer 2005

“Hestia”, SageWoman, Autumn 2005

“They Might be Giants”, Idunna 66, Winter 2005

“Re-vision: The Lord of the Rings in Print and on Screen”, Tolkien on Film: Essays on Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings, ed. Janet Brennan Croft, Altadena, CA: The Mythopoeic Press, 2005

“American Ancestors”, PanGaia, Fall 2006

“King Rædwald, I Presume? Exploring Suttonn Hoo”, Idunna 68, Summer 2006

“The Muses”, SageWoman, Winter 2006

“The Yule Wight”, Idunna 70, Winter, 2006

Idunna“, SageWoman, Fall 2006

“St. Joan”, SageWoman, Spring 2007

“Rhiannon”, SageWoman, Summer 2007

“Hera: A Queen for All Ages”, SageWoman, fall 2007

“Maman Brigitte: Wisdom of the Bones”, SageWoman, Winter 2007

“Finnish Children’s Games,” Idunna 77, Fall 2008

“Gaia”, SageWoman, Winter, 2008

“In Search of Skadhi”, Idunna 78, Winter 2008

“Gefion”, SageWoman, Spring 2009

“Aphrodite”, SageWoman, Summer 2009

“Eighty-One Names of Odin”, Idunna 81, Fall, 2009

“The Power of Nine”, Idunna 81, Fall, 2009

“Nerthus”, SageWoman, Spring 2010

“Ma’at”, SageWoman, Summer 2010

“Idunna”, SageWoman, Fall 2010

“Hygeia”, SageWoman, Winter 2010

“Frigga’s Weaving”, Idunna 86, Winter 2010

“Frithweaving with Frigga”, SageWoman, Fall 2011

“Getting Help from Holda”, SageWoman, 2012

“Jesus, Horse of God “, in Jesus Through Pagan Eyes, ed. Mark Townsend, Llewellyn, 2012

“In Search of Modern Heathenism”, Witches & Pagans, Spring 2012.

“Durga: Divine Protection”, Sagewoman 83, Winter, 2012-13

“The Deeds of Isis”, Sagewoman 84, Fall, 2013

“Eir, Goddess of Herbs and Healing”, Sagewoman 85, Spring 2014

“Kali: Dancing in the Dark”, Sagewoman 86, Summer 2014

“Danu: the River is Flowing”, Sagewoman 87, Spring, 2015


“The Masque of Persephone”, performed at JFK University class on Images of the Goddess, 1982, West End Theater, 1984.

“The Feast of the Fisher King”, performed for Mythcon XII, Mills College, 1982.

________, Grails, Quests, Visitations and Other Occurrences, ed. Richard Gilliam, Martin Greenberg & Edward Kramer, Unnameable Press, 1992.

________, Grails of Light, ed. Richard Gilliam & Martin Greenberg, Dell 1994.

“Merriewode”, performed at Mythcon XIII, Scripps College, 1983.

“The Woodwitch”, performed at Mythcon XV, Mills College, 1985.

“The Harpquest”, performed at Mythcon XVIII, Cal State Long Beach, 1987.

“Marana: A Legend of Westria”, performed at Mythcon XIX, UCB, 1988.

“Always Standing Beside You”, performed at Mythcon XXXII, Nashville, 2003.


The Liturgy of the Lady, MZB Enterprises, 1987

“A Blot for Nerthus”, Idunna 36, Summer, 1998.

“Baldrsdrama”, Idunna 31, Winter, 1997.

“A Blot for Ostara”, Idunna 59, Spring 2004, and A Book of Blóts,  The Troth, 2004

“Trothmoot Nerthus Blót”, A Book of Blóts,  The Troth, 2004

“Walpurgisnacht: Drumming with the Hexen”, A Book of Blóts,  The Troth, 2004

“Hrafnar’s Midsummer Rite and Sunna Blót”, A Book of Blóts,  The Troth, 2004

“Winternights Feast and Blót for the Alfar and the Gods,” A Book of Blóts,  The Troth, 2004


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Costume and Clothing as a Cultural Index on Darkover, (based on the novels of Marion Zimmer Bradley), MZB Press.

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Germanic Costume From the Early Iron Age to the Viking Era (A historical analysis, with illustrations and patterns), The Troth, 1998.

Working Within: Heathen Spirituality in a Prison Setting, The Troth, 2001.

Words for Warriors: A Devotional Manual for Heathens in the Military, The Troth 2012.

Compact Discs

The Wandersong, 2009

Jewel Songs, 2010

Poems and Songs

“To Keep the Troth”, Idunna 44, Harvest 2000.

“The Tale of Tyr and Fenris”, Idunna 46, Winter 2000.

“Skadhi Chant”, Idunna 46, Winter 2000.

“The Seidh Princess Song”, Idunna 47, Spring 2001.

“The Seafarer”, (translation), Idunna 48, Harvest 2001.

“Chants for Njordh and Erde” Idunna 48, Harvest 2001.

“The Bear” Idunna 52, Summer 2002.

“Valkyrie Counting Song”, Idunna 53, Harvest 2002.

“To Tyr”, “To Nerthus”, “To Njord”, “Idunna”, “A Toast”, “Earth Day”, Idunna 63, Spring 2005.

“Summoning Skadhi”, Idunna 66, Winter 2005.

“Rune Gifts”, Idunna 70, Winter, 2006.

“May Eve”, Idunna 71, Spring, 2007.

“The Gjallarhorn: A Poetic Perspective on Global Warming,” Idunna 73, Fall, 2007.

“Yule Fires,” Idunna 74, Winter, 2007.

“A Stave for Heimdall”, Idunna 76, Summer 2008.

“Thor Bashes Etins”, Idunna 82, Spring 2010.

“Faerstice Spell” (translation), Idunna 87, Spring 2011.

“The Lay of Thor and Sif”, Idunna 89, Autumn, 2011.

Diana on the Radio and On-line


The February 21st interview with Tara Robinson on Whole Living Magazine  (WAIF  Cincinnati 88.3FM) can be heard as a podcast at

The March 8th interview with Karen Tate’s Voices of the Sacred Feminine on Blog Talk Radio is now available on their website.

Here’s a link to the May 1st interview with Mackenzie Knight! Titled, “My Paranormal Life– It’s not too late to listen to Diana Paxson–The Way of the Oracle.

On Sunday May 13th, from 4-6 pm EDT, I did a Skype interview on Witchtalk‘s Ustreamed show, “Talking to Gods, a conversation with Diana Paxson”. The author’s had a few technical difficulties, but you can finally see the whole thing on YouTube.

My interview for the Beltane 2012 issue of the AREN (Alternate Religions Educational Network) newsletter (page 32) has been posted on their website. The focus is heathenry in general and Trothmoot in particular, and it includes some of my stories about early Troth history.

My July 9th interview with Frank Hawthorne for The Spiral Dance, a pagan webzine, will soon be available at