And the number nine !

September was Odin’s month this year (with a few exceptions, but that’s another blog). Of course 3 is one of his numbers, but with all those 9 days and nights stories in his history, 9 has become even more significant. On 9-9-09 Hrafnar celebrated with games featuring the number nine and a blot to Himself. Most of the month was taken up putting together the next issue of IDUNNA, and since this was #81, it obviously had to be dedicated to him. It has been ten years since the previous Odin issue, after all. I’m really pleased with the contributions we got for this one– some wonderful poems and excellent articles.

I’m also really jazzed because the need for a cover motivated me to clear off my worktable and get out my paints and START PAINTING again. The first picture didn’t quite work–technically ok, but it wasn’t nearly active enough to convey my sense of Odin. The second one was much better–

Not perfect, of course, but now that I’m set up, I expect to do more.

On the last day of September, the printed copies arrived, and with the help of some Hrafnar folks, Lorrie and I got nearly 300 envelopes stuffed for the Troth. Sent it off this afternoon.

My first “close encounter” with Odin was more than 20 years ago, now, and the connection is still strong. But it’s been awhile since I’ve had an excuse to focus on him this completely.

Oski, this one’s for you….