Happy Birthday Greyhaven

In 1909, a Colonel of Marines stationed on Treasure Island built a house for his family on the then almost empty swatch of El Camino Real in the Elmwood area of Berkeley. In 1971, our family moved in, at that point consisting of me, Don, Ian (age 3), Paul and Tracy, Fiona (age 2), Mom, and David Bradley. Today the personnel consist of me, Ian and Elizabeth and Evan, Michael and Arael, Nancy and Astrid, and Melissa and Suleiman. A lot of people have lived here over the years, and it has been the setting for lot of writing, rituals, music and dancing, laughter, and occasional shouting.

Somehow, both we and the house have endured. None of us are likely to make 100, but the house has done so, and so tomorrow we’re honoring the achievement with a birthday party from 2 pm to whenever….

I’d be delighted to see any of my LJ friends who would like to drop by–[edit to: remove home address, e-mail me for it?]. Come, share the munchies, and admire our new paint job.