Yule tide meditations 3 – Tunderman’s night


Hail Thor, Midgard’s Defender,
Son of Jordh and Odin the old.
You are the strength of the oak, linking earth and heaven,
Strong oak, Law oak, Mightiest of trees,
Limbs thrashing in the wind, roots gripping fast.
You hold out one hand to your people and one to the gods.
Sheltering, protecting, Your deep laughter puts trolls to flight.
I gaze upward, seeking your presence,
And find you, Strong Defender, striding at my side,
Walk with me, Thor,let me lean upon you,
secure in your might against all ills.
Strong and steadfast, trusted and trusty,
To you this brew I offer.
Bless your people, both children and grown.

And a bottle of beer was duly offered at one of the oak trees at the corner park, and when I headed home again, I was not alone….