Baycon – already? Wow!

Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess. This spring has certainly whizzed away. First I was busting my buns to finish Sword of Avalon, and then Turquoise Scepter started eating my brain, not to mention the manual for the Troth Clergy Program. And there was Pantheacon, and recovering from Pantheacon, and a trip to LA and a workshop in Chicago….

All of which I should have reported on, but I was too busy doing them.

And now it’s time for Baycon.

For some reason, they have put most of my events on Sunday. That’s all right, I’ll take the laptop that Lorrie refurbished for me and work in the room. Or maybe even go swimming on Saturday…

Anyway this is where you’ll find me at the convention.

The Friday night meet the guests thingie, and maybe some of the dances…

Birds of a Feather: Westria

As it happens, I have been working on the sequel to The Golden Hills of Westria, even though I don’t have a contract. Because it HAS TO BE DONE. Since they don’t seem to have given me a reading, I’ll probably read something from that. The working title is The Turquoise Scepter. The book does start in Westria, but a lot of the action takes place in Elaya (southern CA), and Aztlan (Southwest), especially since I just got back from a trip to LA for the Nebulas, and some lovely days staying with Bonnie and Tim Callahan, old friends from the Mythopoeic Society who are expert in southern California geography, geology, and flora. (Sunday, 10:00 AM)

The Ecology of Cloud Cities
I get to moderate this one, which means if I don’t have any ideas myself I can ask lots of questions…. (Sunday, 11:30 AM)

I Kissed a What!?
No this is not about my love life. I have the interesting task of moderating a panel on the resurgence in supernatural romance, a subject on which I haven’t written anything myself (unless you count gods). But my son Ian’s on it too. Does this mean I get to find out what he’s been kissing? (There are some things mothers were not meant to know) (Sunday, 5:30 PM)

Writing for the Long Run
Having just seen Star Trek, I’ve been thinking about what happens when earlier books constrain what you can do with later ones. My brother-in-law Paul Edwin Zimmer solved this problem by writing a series of prequels. Tolkien just kept revising. Ideally, you have a story arc with room enough for surprises. (Monday, 1:00 PM)

I notice that only a few readings are listed. If they do end up giving me one (they haven’t sent out panel announcements to the authors yet), I will be reading from Sword of Avalon, for which I just turned in the revisions. This is the one with the sexy bronze-smith in it.

And don’t miss—

If they haven’t given me much to do, at least my nearest and dearest are well–represented.

Jon DeCles, aka jon_decles.
When the Last Paper Dies (Saturday, 1:00 PM)
Reading – Probably from Storm Wars, which is just out. We’ll have copies.
DonJon reads really really well, so be prepared for a treat. (Saturday, 5:30 PM)
Iron Poet – this should be fun…. (Sunday, 11:30 AM)

Ian Grey aka grendel_todd
It’s Not Cancelled, It’s a Comic (Saturday, 5:30 PM)
I Kissed a What!? See above. (Sunday, 5:30 PM)
The Light and Dark of Superheroes (Monday, 10:00 AM)

Lorrie Wood, aka Lwood (For Lorrie’s inimitable comments on these panels see her blog)
The Zombies Are Coming! (I thought that was after Trothmoot…) (Saturday, 11:30 AM)
When the Last Paper Dies (Saturday, 1:00 PM)
Floating Islands and Lost Cities in History and Literature (Monday, 11:30 AM).

See y’all there….