Westria sings!

So, we’re all back from Baycon at the new site in Santa Clara. It was a pretty good Con– interesting panels, amusing GoHs, good Art Show, and an astonishing array of booze at some of the parties. Although in most ways the hotel was quite good– especially the free and abundant parking and the restaurant, the rooms were a surprise– apparently furnished from IKEA, measurably smaller than those at the Doubletree, with double instead of queen beds and miniscule closet and bathroom space. Trying to fit the Greyhaven contingent in was…interesting…. only made possible by the fact that Elizabeth (my daughter-in-law) can sleep anywhere. We hummed “Norwegian Wood” a lot.

I had asked for a “birds of a feather” space to do a release party for the new CD. This turned out to be the patio between the pool and the barbecue, which could only be reached through the bar, so many people never figured out where it was. On the other hand, it was nice to be outdoors in the sunshine. Margaret and Kristoph were there, and did some of the songs. We had an amusing moment when Kristoph sang “Are you the meadowlark…” just as an airplane flew over. Guess I’ll have to write another verse for the song!

This is the CD I’ve been burbling about periodically all spring. Margaret and Kristoph have done a wonderful job. My favorites are “Marana”, which has some very original and evocative harp accompaniment as well as Margaret’s lyric soprano, and “Bird of My Heart”, in which she sings descant to Kristoph’s excellent rendition (without airplanes). The “College of Bards Choir” comes through very well.

I have copies of both Jewel Songs and The Wandersong for $15 each, postpaid. If you’d like one, let me know. Expect to see more here soon–MP3’s and sheet music to download, liner notes to peruse, and maybe even a more efficient way to order it!