Return to Fernwood

As many of you already know, Steve Abell got the ball rolling to go down to the old Fernwood campground for an impromptu minimoot on Earth Day weekend. The grandkids really missed those campouts, so we loaded everybody up and trundled down. To our relief, the improvements, far from destroying the site, have actually improved it, being much more esthetic than the old trailers that used to be parked beside the meadow. Our old sites by the river had not been disturbed at all, except that the decaying BBQ pits have been replaced by nice iron ones. The new cabins cannot be rented yet, because the camp failed to get permission before building them. If they ever are, they might actually make the site *more* usable than it was before, as they have electricity, kitchenettes, and enough beds for at least 4 people each, if they’re friendly. Thus they would be able to accomodate people with “nose hoses” and visitors from out of state.

Most remarkable (beside the temperature, which, with wind chill, made the fires VERY welcome), was the welcome we got from the spirits of the place. I think we all had a deeper connection with the place than we knew, and it felt like coming home.

For pictures, see the gallery on the Hrafnar site.