The Fellowship of the Spiral Path

The Fellowship, also known as Spiral, was founded in 1986 as an association of pagan groups, succeeding the Center for Non-Traditional Religion. Spiral is a neo-pagan association that acts as an umbrella for a number of smaller circles located in the Oakland/Berkeley area in northern California. Its member groups include circles for women and co-ed activities, and it sponsors classes and public rituals as well. If you are in the Berkeley area, check our website for upcoming events.

During the 80s Darkmoon and Spiral were my main focus. It was an exciting time, when the neo-pagan and Goddess-spirituality movements were evolving rapidly. During this period I studied Western Esoteric Kabbalah and Core Shamanism in addition to everything I could learn about Wicca and the Native European traditions. One of my major projects for Spiral was developing a Clergy Training Program. The Kabbalah class I put together in 1985 started a tradition that has been developed by several other Spiral members and continues today.  I currently serve Spiral as Secretary and Newsletter Editor, and from time to time do a workshop or ritual for the Liturgy or the Gateway series.

One of the first results of my involvement in Spiral was the creation of the Liturgy of the Lady, a ritual for the Goddess and goddesses in three versions, focusing on the aspects as Maiden, Mother, and Wisewoman. The ritual adapts further depending on which specific goddess is being honored. My feeling was that the male gods had received a lot of attention over the past thousand years, and it was time to reclaim the beauty of what some have called “high church episcopagan” ritual for the Goddess.  Since we first celebrated the  Liturgy in 1981, it has been regularly presented on the last Sunday of the month. The current time and place are 5 pm at the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists hall. Ask for it at the Ancient Ways and Sacred Well stores in Oakland.